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Art Color is paramount. Color is a wonderful way to see the world of art.

I love color hence all the pictures will be wildly colorful and somewhat a cartoon of life as I see it. There are photos as well. Sometimes, your there and it all comes together .

The fish are a wild colorful group that can go in any direction. Prints available, please email ifyouhave questions.

The rain drops on the peony petal is one of my favorite photos, taken on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The woods is an altered photo with my little dog. 

The shell is a pencil and pro marker , sold to a Chiropractor.  

Love ART

As an artist I have been drawing, painting, using multimedia my whole life.
My view of life is captured thru my art work.


 I have had formal training , been in shows, been in galleries and now this website to showcase what I love to do Most.

The large photo is a zinnia flower center. I love flowers.

The party  fish are another series that can be framed in any direction, there are prints available .

Thee fish started life at the museum , colorful and busy. Original available only.

The round fish were just a fun afternoon. This is an original only.

 If your interested in any of these pieces, please email me and I will give you more information.

Life in Color

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